BIOSAFE biobank

Biosafe cryo-preservation sample storage biobank cryogenicSimply put, the BIOSAFE® biobank is the optimum in cryogenic sample storage and bio-banking, and can be supplied in the UK and Eire by Cryo Storage Solutions of Cardiff.

Cryo-preservation by means of deep cold liquid nitrogen is an established practice in science, research, medicine, stem cell therapy, IVF, tissue banks, environmental research and technology.

The Cryotherm BIOSAFE® cryo-conservation system is suitable as a biobank or freezer for both the medical and research worlds and is certified to ISO13485.

With network capabilities, the BIOSAFE® system is essentially a large cryogenic storage or freezing container with a wide neck opening for the preserving and long-term storage of biological and medical samples.

sperm egg cell oocyte biobank storage cryo-preservation dewar nitrogenThe BIOSAFE® cryo-preservation system ensures temperatures down to -180ºC in the gas phase. The  containers are easy to use with ergonomic and simple withdrawal of your samples, while offering maximum safety and reliability via the integrated fill-level controller and container monitoring system, which also allows you to network up to 32 BIOSAFE® bio-banks together.

These cryo-conservation bio-banks are highly efficient, with ultra low evaporation rates of down to 0.6% per day. This means they are more cost-effective to run and could save you money in running costs.

Technical details for the BIOSAFE® bio-bank system

  • Useful loads from 150 litres to 420 litres (600, 1,000 and 1,400 litres on request)
  • Bio-bank container with vacuum super insulation
  • Locking lid and lockable rollers
  • Low evaporation rates
  • Disinfectable and smooth surfaces – even on the lid
  • Low, operator-friendly container height
  • Attractively-designed vacuum-insulated lid
  • Ergonomic lift/swivel mechanism for the lid
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Space-saving installation option
  • BIOSAFE® MD version as a Class II A medical product with CE Mark in accordance with the medical product directive 93/42/EEC

Please see the full technical brochure – BIOSAFE-System_1104_EN

Cryo Storage Solutions can also supply the Cryotherm Cryo-Messenger® remote monitoring system which can keep your precious samples under constant control; 24 hours a days and 365 days a year. Any messages can be sent to you via text message, email or fax.

To learn more about the Cryotherm BIOSAFE® biobank or anything to do with cryo-preservation, freezers or storage containers, then please get in touch with Edwin on 02921 303518 or fill out the contact form below.