Hydrogen Systems

Hydrogen systems and pipework

We have considerable expertise with hydrogen systems. We have worked with TfL (Tower Transit) on commissioning and testing their hydrogen bus fleet, built a 2012 Olympics hydrogen fuelling station and built a hydrogen fuel cell for Heathrow Airport.

TfL (Tower Transit) hydrogen bus fleet

Hydrogen BusTransport for London (via their contractor Tower Transit) has been running zero emission hydrogen fuel cell buses on route RV1 between Covent Garden and Tower Gateway since 2011. This is a project funded by TfL, London Mayor, Air Products and the European Union.

CTM Europe was brought in to install, test and validate eight buses to be powered by a hydrogen system. Each bus has four Dynetek cylinders installed on top and these provide an emission free fuel source for the project. They now have eight buses in operation which means it is the first time a whole route has been fully operated by hydrogen powered buses in the UK.

CTM Europe has the contract to periodically examine and pressure test the cylinders and are suitably trained and qualified by Dynetek to complete the examinations.

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Hydrogen fuel cell – Heathrow Airport

In 2014 CTM Europe designed and constructed a high pressure (500bar) hydrogen fuelling station for taxis at Heathrow Airport. This was part of Heathrow’s HyTEC project, improving air quality by lowering emissions from Heathrow vehicles and those onsite.








If you’re working with hydrogen; whether from electrolysis, fossil fuels, design or installation, please get in touch.

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