Pressure System Inspection

By completing your Pressure System Inspection, CTM Europe can help your company legally comply with PSSR (2000). We can help reduce your pressure system’s energy and running costs.

pressure system inspection PSSR 2000 by CTM EuropeCTM Europe can provide you with full compliance by completing a thorough examination under your Written Scheme of Examination. If you don’t have a Written Scheme of Examination we can write one for you or update it if need be.

For free advice, more information, or a no obligation quote on your Pressure System Inspection, call David Mitchell on 02920 454515.

Should my company have a Pressure System Inspection?

  • Yes, if you have a pressure system running over 0.5bar above atmospheric pressure
  • There’s a legal requirement to comply with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations
  • Do you have a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) in place? This gives compliance with Regulation 8 of PSSR (2000) only, don’t forget that there’s a total of 18 regulations
  • You must have a WSE before you can legally and properly operate a pressure system
  • After compliance, your system can be certified as safe to use
  • It could save you money by improving the system efficiency and running costs

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (2000) came into force on 21 February that year. As a User and/or Owner of a pressure system, you are required to demonstrate that you know the safe operating limits of your pressure systems, and that your system is safe under those conditions. You need to ensure that a suitable Written Scheme of Examination is in place before the system is operated. And finally, you also need to ensure that the pressure system is examined in accordance with the Written Scheme of Examination.

In conclusion, PSSR (2000) applies to the owners and users of systems with gases or fluids under pressure over 0.5bar, and/or which becomes a gas when released to the atmosphere.

Why should I choose CTM Europe to complete my Pressure System Inspection?

CTM Europe has extensive experience in conducting these pressure system inspections and in completing Written Schemes of Examination for clients. Therefore we can provide the following services;

  • Free and impartial advice over the phone from qualified engineers
  • A survey of your site and pressure system for PSSR (2000) inspection requirements
  • Production of a no-obligation quote for those requirements
  • Provision of a PSSR (2000) Inspection contract and schedule
  • Experienced, qualified and approachable engineers
  • Feedback and a comprehensive, written report on your pressure system
  • Summary and review of any queries arising from the Inspection, at the end of the visit
  • NDT facilities to test and revalidate pipework, welds and pressure vessels
  • Management of your PSSR (2000) Inspection schedule

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For free advice, more information or a no obligation quote call David Mitchell on 02920 454515

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